REV3K in London, Ontario


The REV3K 6-week REVolution program took me from a size 14 down to a 10.

Wow! All I can say is ‘WOW’! The REV3K 6-week REVolution program took me from a size 14 down to a 10. In 6 weeks, I increased my endurance, improved my core strength and lost over 17 pounds. Initially, I signed up for the program with the hope that it could help me get back into […]

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This is a community.

What is REV3K to me???  This is not just a gym. It is a community that has helped me to get back my fitness level in a very short period of time.  It is a community of caring, knowledgeable and well-trained people invested in my success.   I have spent the last 20 years joining gyms, […]

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Video blog

Anibal, A biggest Loser competitor provided us with a great video explaining his involvement in the program.  Thanks Anibal and congratulations!

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REV3K Is the place to reach your goals

Having recently lost 55 lbs from participating in REV3K’s Biggest Loser Program (Session10), I can honestly say that REV3K is the greatest thing that I have participated in personally. The REV3K team are truly life altering and highly motivational people who provide THE place to reach the goals you wanted to reach, but never had […]

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I decided to try out this place called REV3K that another local athlete had recommended

Hey You guys already know my feelings about you but I figured I would write it out anyway ;) When I signed on with my coach to train for my first 100-mile trail race I knew she was going to program more than just running.  She wanted me to cross train. Now to give a […]

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