REV3K in London, Ontario

Coach Focus: Lieja Koeman

November / December 2014

After traveling all over the world and competing, athlete Lieja Koeman has developed a training style for REV3K that is efficient, effective and that will hold you accountable.

Olympian coaching at REV3K


Who is Lieja Koeman?

  • 2-Time Olympic Shot Put Finalist
  • Top 10 world raking in Shot Put for over a decade
  • World Atheletics Finals – Bronze 2004
  • European Finals – Bronze 2002


I was born and raised in The Netherlands and started track and field when I was eight years old.  After watching the 1988 winter Olympics in Calgary, it became my goal to compete in the Olympics myself one day.  I represented The Netherlands in the shot put during the 2000 and 2004 Olympics, and I made top 10 both times.  I moved to Canada in 2002 and became a Canadian Citizen in 2006 while pregnant with my daughter Julia.

After missing the standard for the 2008 Games at the Olympic Trails, I retired after 25 competitive seasons and had my second daugter, Jenna, in 2009.  I always knew I wanted to share my experiences of all the training concepts I came across during my career with others, so I started my own gym to offer a revolutionized training concept that would cater to everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.  To be able to change people’s lives every day is living my passion every day.

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