REV3K in London, Ontario

I decided to try out this place called REV3K that another local athlete had recommended


You guys already know my feelings about you but I figured I would write it out anyway ;)

When I signed on with my coach to train for my first 100-mile trail race I knew she was going to program more than just running.  She wanted me to cross train. Now to give a little background, I HATE cross training, why spend training time doing something other than trail running?

I’ve tried so many strategies over my 3 +decades of running to keep true to my cross training, most recently taking a part time job as a fitness instructor teaching a pre-choreographed weight class (I dropped that class as soon as a valid excuse came up).  Nothing ever works; I always slip back into the “skipping everything else and just running more miles” mode of training, which inevitably leads to injury. So when I signed up with my coach I decided to try out this place called Rev3K that another local athlete had recommended (months before I actually went, but that’s beside the point).

I was not optimistic, I am in my late 30’s and pretty set in my ways but I was coming off a wasted 2013 race season having been sidelined for months by yet another injury.  I had to find something.  I signed up for my first class.  I was sure I wasn’t THAT deconditioned, I was still running and doing yoga/Pilates and strength training (once a month when I remembered to do it). I ended that first class on the verge of throwing up, sure that my legs would never stop shaking and a clear realization that I couldn’t wait to come back. I messaged my coach right after class and said “I think I could stick with this for the training season”.

It is now almost a year later and I am in the best shape of my adult running career. I have never been bored; the workouts are never the same. Ever. More amazing is that I still love going months later (not as much as trail running, but still I love it).

I am now a compete convert and actually miss my Rev workouts when I’m tapering for races. But it’s so much more than the just the workouts. The trainers are amazing and know their stuff and my form gets better and I get stronger every time I go, but beyond that there is a sense of community that I have never found in any other gym. We are a community of athletes who may all have very different goals, but we are there for each other. We want to know what each other are working towards and we are there cheering each other on.  REV3K rocks (Except when we have plate push, plate push still sucks.)


– Robin

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