REV3K in London, Ontario

A revolutionary workout

By Ryan Doherty and Greg Matthison, Sportsxpress
July / August 2014

“Revolutionary goals, evolutionary actions, friendship, intensity, nutrition, endless possibilities, direction.”

Rev3K has been espousing this credo from their 1175 Hyde Park location for a year now. The industrial workspace has provided ample opportunity for members to hoist, push, pull, heave, jump, fall, come back up swinging, and sweat their way to a healthier lifestyle.

The coaching staff of will work with you to tailor an individualized training program. Whether you want to train like an NHL player, or look like Wolverine from X-Men, or have energy and strength to provide your children with an active role model to look up to, the team at Rev3K will provide you with the program and the space to do so.

There are classes offered at the training studio. Or if you want an inspired place to work out, you may purchase a gym pass for the back room which has everything from chin up areas to power lifting racks to big tractor tires out back for some total body functional strength training.

Having grown into the Hyde Park location, Rev3K wanted to maintain a studio size atmosphere while also adding more space to accommodate the growing demand for their client-focused approach to training. This provided the motivation to open up a second location at the South-East corner of Windermere and Richmond in the old nunnery, which has maintained a community fee.

“The new location allows us to maintain the level of attention our clients deserve,”

In concert with the Rev3K coaches, trainers Katie Havekes, Brian Bowskill and Ashley Limbrick, Henry says, are “100 percent client-focused. No request is too large or too small.”

For more information, check out Rev3Ks Facebook page or stop by one of their two locations.

Rev3K Fitness Centres Info

  •  Open to all fitness levels
  • Group training classes available throughout the day/evening (beginners are always welcome)
  • Members have access to the gym at any time
  • Kids play area available (at selected group times)



 Call 519-474-2871 or stop by either location for details

West: 1175 Hyde Park Road (at Sarnia Road)

North: 1486 Richmond (behind Windermere on the Mount)

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