REV3K in London, Ontario

The REV3K 6-week REVolution program took me from a size 14 down to a 10.

Wow! All I can say is ‘WOW’! The REV3K 6-week REVolution program took me from a size 14 down to a 10. In 6 weeks, I increased my endurance, improved my core strength and lost over 17 pounds. Initially, I signed up for the program with the hope that it could help me get back into some of my old clothes. What I didn’t expect was the shift in how I now think of food, exercise and life-balance. This program, and the team at REV3K have truly changed me.

I have been exercising regularly my entire adult life, but what I learned during this program has forever changed my approach to living healthy and fit. Lieja‘s knowledge and support was instrumental in getting me through some tough physical and mental hurdles. They pushed me to accomplish fitness goals I didn’t think I was capable of. They were so amazing, and encouraged me to push the envelope much, much further than I thought was possible.  While my results are amazing, what I like best about the program is that I was taught how to keep up the progress myself.  REV3K gave me the skills and techniques to keep going.

It’s hard for me to talk about this without getting excited, but the only thing left for me to feel truly complete, would be a REV3K sweatshirt.

Thanks guys!!

– Kelly M

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