Rev3K Re-Opening Protocol

Members are REQUIRED to follow the rules as set out below.  Rev3K is taking these precautions to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

We understand the importance of social distancing and COVID-19 inspectors will ensure that we are following the government  guidelines.

We expect your FULL cooperation and above all a POSITIVE attitude.


Send in proof of the second dose of your Covid-19 vaccine to PRIOR to coming to class.

You must refrain from coming to REV3K and stay home if you:

are not feeling well or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or any known coronavirus symptoms (incl. fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.).

have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 and/or flu-like symptoms in the previous 14 days.

have traveled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days.

* we reserve the right to send you home if we think you are sick, cough and/or sneeze too much and think you put others at risk, we don’t want to risk an outbreak and consequently a second closure.

In the unlikelihood that you test positive for COVID-19, it is your responsibility to identify yourself to Lieja. This information will be kept confidential but it is the responsibility of REV3K to notify members who were in the same class and execute the protocol as outlined by the Middlesex London Health Unit. 


* you will need to BOOK your spot prior to coming to REV. Check class times and available spots on the app or online. Spots will be released one week ahead of time, penalties for no-shows will be in place. 12 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY.

class capacity:

REV : 24

SPIN : 14

LIFTING : 2 (1hr time slot)

REVlite : 12 (upstairs)

CORE : 12 (upstairs)

YOGA : 12 (upstairs – bring your own mat)


* please enter through the Bennett Rental entrance ONLY and drive SLOWLY. 

* NO entry through the Oxford Dodge dealership, please respect this rule, too many clients still cut through.

* SPIN parking spots are PAST the freight containers on the right, AWAY from the SPIN entrance, no parking in front of any of the buildings on the driveway.

* REV parking spots are on the left.


* wait in your car until you are admitted into the studios.

* during class doors will be locked, so therefore DON’T be late; 

* REV opens 5 min prior to class and door locks 1 min prior to class.

* SPIN opens 15 min prior to class and door locks 5 min prior to class.

* you are required to use the hand sanitizers provided upon entrance.

* you will need indoor shoes (no exceptions, no entry in ‘street’ shoes), your fob (no keyboard use), a towel (for sale in case you don’t bring one), and a filled water bottle (no earplugs will be provided at SPIN).

* as you walk in, you SCAN your fob to attend yourself, put your shoes/flip flops/sandals on the designated shoe racks, and put your car keys/phone in your shoes.

* come ready to work out; no duffle bags/purses, no coats/jackets, there will be NO access to locker rooms/showers.

* the REV staff washroom and SPIN washroom will be available for emergency use.

* we will NOT allow walk-ins, visitors, and/or children in and/or outside (outdoor components could be incorporated).

While inside:

* be mindful to stay 6 feet away from others, don’t congregate, stations and bikes are spaced 6+ft apart.

* for SPIN we require you to wear a mask into the studio until you get set up on your bike, spin without a mask, but replace the mask when you depart the studio. 

* follow the arrows on the floor for access to the workout floor and exiting the building. 

* follow the instructions from the coaches where to go on the workout floor/which bike to take.

* put your shoes on in your spot/at assigned bike.

* the chalk bins won’t be in use, you are however allowed to bring your own.

during class you won’t be able to leave your spot.  At Rev substitutions/modifications are to be done IN the same spot. Class people cannot make a trip to the lifting area, lifters cannot make a trip to the class area. 

* in keeping with protocols from health units, we will NOT be using fans at this time, but we will keep the studios cool with air conditioning.

* no high fives after class, thumbs up are cool again 


* in addition to thorough sanitizing by professional cleaners, we will need your help in keeping the studios clean. 

* the coaches will instruct you when cleaning during/after class will take place. 

* you are required to fully clean your station/bike, including sweat, chalk, and surrounding floor area.

* one-time wipes are to be used and disposed of each time a cleaning break is incorporated, don’t use your own towel to wipe equipment down.

* immediately after class everyone will have to leave the building so staff can sanitize the gym. 

* stretching stations will be made available outside weather permitting.