REV3K in London, Ontario


All programs are based around the REV3K total body fitness philosophy and incorporate a mixture of physical, mental and nutritional training.   Each program is tailored on the results you are seeking to achieve.

REV3K Class

The backbone of the REV3K total body fitness philosophy.  A 3000 second workout that changes everyday and is guaranteed to work every part of your body.


Looking to develop a stronger back?  Want to show off your six-pack.  Core focuses on strengthening your mid-section to ensure overall health and physical ability.


This six-week boot-camp style program is designed for you to quickly achieve your personal fitness goals.  With step-by-step nutrition and physical coaching, REVolution can start you off on the path to success.

Biggest Loser

A 12-week life changing program, our coaches will guide you through a rigorous program of exercise and nutrition in order to achieve your weight-loss goal.

Personal Training

Looking for one-on-one coaching?  All of our coaches are available for independent and small group training for when you want a little extra attention.


As a member of REV3K you will have access to over 100 independent workout units so that you can exercise when you want and how you want.

Everyone at REV3K is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, contact us if you would like to discuss how REV3K can help or come in and visit or two gym locations in London Ontario.